8 Crucial Tips for Starting the Keto Diet

I’m sure at some point during the passed few years you’ve come across someone who’s been on the infamous Keto diet. And for good reason too!

This low carb method of eating has helped a numerous amount of people lose some of that stubborn fat that nothing else seemed to help. But exactly how does it work?

The Keto Diet consists of eating 70-80% fat, 5-10% carbs (typically less than 50 grams/day) and 10-20% protein. Once you start depriving you body of glucose (which is your body’s main source of energy and is typically found in carbohydrates) your body starts creating these things called Ketones, which are produced from your body fat.

Pretty cool, right?

During the first few days of this diet, your body will start using its stored glucose from your liver and will temporarily break down muscle to create more. However, after that part is all said and done and the glucose from your body is completely consumed, your body will start to burn stored fat as energy.

Boom, science.

Now that you understand how this diet works, let’s go over a few tips that will help aid your weight loss success.

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Mentally Prepare

Just like any other lifestyle change in your life, having the right mentality going into it will only ensure your success.

Write down some goals and figure out what you personally want to achieve from this diet – this will only motivate you more.

Plan out your Keto friendly meals

The first time I attempted the Keto Diet I had no plan except to avoid carbs at all costs. I was a lost fool who really should’ve done more research.

So my first piece of advice to you is simply this: plan your meals accordingly. This diet mostly consists of eating high fat foods (you know, the ones you’d normally stay away from) with a moderate amount of protein and minimal amount of carbs.

Having your meals for the week ready to go will make it so easy to track of your carb intake. This seems to be the part that most of us struggle with – so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In addition to tracking your macros, meal prepping will make sticking to your diet on busy days that much easier!

Get a little creative

After awhile of eating a bunch of high fat meats and cheeses it can get a bit redundant.

Experiment with different seasonings and don’t be afraid to get creative with different food combinations either – I promise your taste buds will thank you.

Utilize MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglyceride is an oil that can help you stay in ketosis (aka when your body starts burning fat instead of glucose for energy).

When purchasing your MCT oil, look for Caprylic acid (or C8) as it’s known as the most ketogenic form of MCT as it converts to ketones faster than any other form.

Some benefits of MCT oil include increased energy and focus, promotes weight loss, may help treat diabetes and reduce your risk of heart disease as well as enabling your body to burn fat as fuel.

**You can buy my favorite MCT oil here!

Beware of the Keto Flu

Ah, yes, the Keto flu. While you’re body is still adapting to the Keto Diet in the first few days, you will start to experience a few symptoms that resemble the flu.

A few ways you can help prevent the dreaded Keto flu are:

  1. Make sure you’re getting enough salt and electrolytes
  2. Stay hydrated!
  3. Exercise

Remove unnecessary carbs from your pantry

You will crave them, and you will crave them hard. Especially for the first few days while your body is going through carbohydrate withdrawal. Restricting your access to carbs will make it easy for you to stick to your diet.

Once you’ve gotten passed the first initial shock, I promise the cravings will go away.

Find a Keto sweet snack

Even your sweet tooth needs some love every now and then. If you deprive yourself of carbs and sweets, I promise you it’ll make this diet that much harder.

A great low carb sweet snack you should try is dark chocolate!

Don’t over exercise

Although exercising is crucial for optimal health and weight loss, when you restrict carbs from your body you’re limiting access to sugar from your muscle cells which will impair your muscle’s ability to function during prolonged high intensity work outs.

In short – don’t over do it. If you’re going to exercise know your limits and listen to your body.

There are so many factors to think of when you first start this diet. Whether you only plan on doing it for a few weeks or if you’re considering making it a lifestyle, proper preparation will only guide you in the direction of success.

Overall, going Keto is a fairly easy diet to follow as it allows you to eat a wide range of foods (compared to other restrictive diets).

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting the same results as someone else, everybody is different and you will react differently than others. Do your research and stick to it and eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.



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