7 Benefits of Using a Planner

If you know me, you know how much of a planner freak I am. From keeping track of my daily to do list to planning out my meals for the next seven days, there’s just something so comforting about having my entire month laid out in front of me at any given time.

As the years go by and I start to get older my mind seems to become more and more cluttered. I would constantly feel like I was running behind schedule and could never truly catch up with my long list of things I needed to get done.

Life is chaotic, that seems to be inevitable. But just because things can get a little crazy sometimes doesn’t mean we need to let it slow us down from reaching our goals.7 Benefits of Using a planner

That’s why I decided to get a planner.

Once I started using my planner I felt like I could finally breathe. The lists never piled up and I never forgot another important date (which was something I was notorious for). I finally felt like I had it all together!

There are so many different types and sizes of planners out there. The most popular sizes are pocket, personal, a5, letter size and of course we can’t forget about good ol digital calendars. There’s a planner out there for everyone, you just have to take the time to figure out which one will fit your needs the most.

So, aside from the obvious, here are a few more benefits of using a planner.

Reduces stress

Once you’re able to plan out your day and have everything that needs to be done written down all in one spot you’ll actually be able to feel the stress melt away. You won’t over book yourself as much and it’ll be so much easier for you to to schedule time to take care of yourself and your mental wellbeing.

It’s important to make time for yourself. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of “me time”, give yourself a break every now and then and watch how much easier to get the not so fun stuff done.

Of course there will still be some days where the stress becomes inevitable, whether it’s work, school or home related. However keeping a planner will greatly reduce that feeling of overwhelming stress and keep you feeling just a little more sane.

Keeps you organized

This might seem a bit obvious, but really. If you’re anything like me then you know how it feels when everything starts to blur together. Most of the time I didn’t even know what day it was. This made it extremely hard to stay on top of everything and actually prevented me from reaching my goals.

Having a place where I could keep all of my lists (and trust me, there are many), schedules, routines and random thoughts really made it easy to keep everything organized and in order.

Improves your time management

If you’re someone who constantly feels like there’s not enough time in the day then do I have a treat for you! Utilizing your planner to its fullest extent is the best way to ensure you don’t put too much on your plate.

It’s important to prioritize your day to day tasks. Get the bigger and more important stuff out of the way first. Not only will this reduce the feeling of stress, but you’ll actually have time to do the things that might not be as high on your priority list.

Improve your productivity

Productivity is more than just killing it in the work place. Being productive at home is the key to living a successful, happy life. This includes cleaning, doing laundry, exercising, grocery shopping and so much more.

Giving yourself the opportunity to schedule (and follow) all of your wants and needs will make it nearly impossible for you to fail. You got this.

Increases motivation

Using a planner is a great way to hold yourself accountable for all of the things you say you’re going to do. I struggled for a long time with this.

It was a really hard realization, but accepting that I needed to make a change and acting upon it gave me the reassurance and motivation that I needed to put myself back out there and really crush my goals.

(If you struggle with staying motivated, read this!)

A place to keep track of your records

And last but certainly not least, using a planner as a way to track your records will help your future self tremendously. Whether it’s doctor appointments, your workouts and weight limits, or even your eating habits, it’s easy to keep track of anything when it’s all written down in the same place.

**If you’re someone who has a lot of papers and documents you need to keep track of (if you don’t already in your phone) then purchasing a planner with folders and pockets is the right move!

failing to plan is planning to fail

When beginning your planner journey it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many different types of planners out there, finding one that fits your needs is pretty easy. And if you’re super picky (like me!) then you can even build your own! 

***Etsy is a great source for finding seamless planner printables. (You can check a few of them out here!)

There are countless ways to use a planner. There’s so much more to planning than just keeping track of your day to day schedule. You can budget your month, keep track of important notes, write down your shopping lists and so much more! When you find the right planner, you’d be surprised at how much more “put together” your life will feel.

Using a planner is something anyone can benefit from, and if you’re not using one yet I highly recommend at least giving it a shot.

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