The Art of Living A Healthy Life

When you finally make the decision to live a healthy life it can feel a bit overwhelming to conquer. There are so many different ways you can improve your health, but it all starts with making just one change – your mindset.

A huge part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning how to love it. And to be honest, it’s really not that difficult to fall in love with such a positive change, especially once you start to see results.healthy lifestyle

The moment that you decide to make that change is when everything else will seem to fall into place. You’ll start to  physically and mentally feel like a whole new person, and if you stick with it you will become the person that you’ve always wanted to be.

That change is possible.

That is one thing that I think most of us forget. Your life is in your control and at any given time you have the power to make your life something you can be proud of.

And whether it’s something small or a drastic change, get out of your head and do the damn thing.

Living a healthier life is about doing the things that aren’t necessarily fun and exciting to do, but will absolutely bring you closer to living your best life and falling in love with yourself all over again.

I know change can be scary, but just know that you’re never alone. With social media being such a huge influence in all of our lives, there will always be someone out there who is going through similar battles. Use that to your advantage, learn from their mistakes and successes and take charge of your life.

Taking this leap won’t be easy, but I can promise you that it will be 100% worth it. But where should you start?

Honestly, the first thing you need to do is…

Commit to yourself

Figure out the reasons why you want to make these lifestyle changes, and stick to them. Hold yourself accountable however works best for you.

Make some lists, tell a friend, whatever it is that will help you stay committed to your new lifestyle, do it. There will be so many reasons and excuses as to why you can’t, but you need to remind yourself every day why you started.

***I recommend writing down where you want to be this time next year and put it somewhere you can see it every day. The visual reminder will help you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and will make it easier for you to stick to it, kind of like a dream board.

So, with that being said, let’s jump right into the different ways you can start living a healthy lifestyle.

Show more gratitude

Let the people you love know how you feel about them and enjoy every second that you get to do something you care about.

Acknowledging the good things in your life will absolutely make every day more enjoyable.

It can be really easy to get caught up in life’s stresses and downfalls, and that’s when we need to remember the good things that happen to us more than anything.

Know when to say yes, and when to say no

Knowing your limits, whether it’s social, personal or work related, will prevent you from being in a situation that you don’t necessarily want to be in.

It can be difficult to say no, I get that. However you need to put yourself first and in order to do that you will need to say no sometimes.

And the same thing goes for saying yes. I get that there will be situations like work gatherings, girls night out or baby showers that you might not want to attend. But saying yes and going out of your comfort zone could bring you some of your favorite memories.

This is especially true if you are suffering from depression. If you ever feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut or you’re spiraling, go out with your friends. Say yes to the movies, say yes to the party, go socialize and watch your mood rise.

Eat for fuel, not for fun

When you start putting the right nutrients in your body, you’ll be able to physically and mentally feel the difference.

I’m not saying you’re never allowed to indulge yourself (I could never give up sweets, I’ve just accepted that fact) but make sure that a majority of the food you’re eating is going to make you run like a well oiled machine!

The easiest way to make sure you’re eating right is to cook your meals.

I personally like to plan my meals and prep them all in one day, this makes eating clean so much easier on busy days!

***A close friend once told me to shop around the outside of the grocery store, that’s where you’ll find all of the meats & produce and other unprocessed foods, perfect for body fuel!

Exercise. Every. Damn. Day.

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times throughout your life, but it is something I truly believe everyone needs to do.

And it doesn’t even have to be a full blown workout. It can be something as simple as taking your fur baby on a walk, just get out and do something!

If you’re not convinced yet, let’s go over a few benefits that come with exercising everyday.

1. It will make you feel happier

Studies have shown that if you’re suffering from depression intense exercise will increase your overall mood. And I mean, how could it not?

When you start exercising, use it as a way to get rid of any baggage or negativity. Think of it as “sweating away the stresses”. Too cheesy? Nahh!

2. It can increase your energy levels (overtime of course)

If you’re anything like me, then you know the struggle of always feeling exhausted. But believe me when I say that as soon as I started running, I could actually feel my energy levels rising as the weeks went by.

Exercise has also been shown to improve energy levels with people suffering from progressive illnesses like cancer, MS, and HIV/AIDS.

3. It will help keep your skin healthy

Yep, you read that right. Exercising can increase the blood flow throughout your body, which will help you stay younger, longer.

There’s also this thing called oxidative stress, which happens when the body’s antioxidant defenses can’t completely fix the problems that free radicals cause to your cells. This can cause skin deterioration. (Yikes!)

And although consistent intense exercise can contribute to this type of stress, a more moderate workout can actually increase your body’s level of antioxidants!

Create a healthy morning routine, and stick to it

Whether you’re the type of person that likes to wake up and leave within 10 minutes or the type that does a full make up routine with a cute hair do, I highly recommend creating a solid morning routine.

Exercising, drinking a smoothie, writing in your planner, whatever it is that you feel will make your day go as smoothly as possible.

PRO TIP: Waking up early will give you the opportunity to actually complete your morning routine. I know some days can be tougher than most (to say the least…) and not everyone is a morning person, but waking up early actually has many benefits. You can learn more about becoming a morning person here!

Living a healthy lifestyle is truly not as out of reach as most of us might think. It’s about putting yourself and your needs first, in every aspect of life.

This doesn’t give you an excuse to be reckless or heartless, but really listen to what your body and mind need. Get to the source of where your problems are coming from and find the right solution for you. Remember that you are in control of you. You absolutely have the ability to design your life however you see fit.

After all, you only get one life. Why not make the absolute best of it?

Now that I’ve given you a glimpse into the wonderful world of healthy living, go out there, and live life the way it was meant to be lived – happy!

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